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4 Hours $1200.00 Max 30 persons
5 Hours $1,350.00 Max 30 persons
6 Hours $1,500.00 Max 30 persons
7 Hours $1,650.00 Max 30 persons
8 Hours $1,800.00 Max 30 persons

10-12 Hours $1,800 Sleep-Over

Max 20 persons

*Rates subject to change during Special Events/Holidays (I.e. Non-Mariners, Public Holidays, etc…) Please speak to the Captain for further details.

*Ice (only) is included in
 above pricing*

*The captain also provides a complimentary BBQ, to show off his culinary skills. If you would like to take advantage of this additional service, all you have to do is bring along your favorite meat(s) and add $20 to your trip cost.

*All bookings will be subject to a 50% deposit. Remaining balance must be paid before the boat leaves the dock. All m
onies are fully refundable in the case of inclement weather or cancellations 7 days prior to engagement..

***Additional Fuel Surcharge***

Please note that for the following Pick-up Drop-off Locations an additional Fuel Surcharge will apply:

Bailey's Bay/Grotto Bay $200.00

St. Georges $350.00

Tuckers Point $500.00

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